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Normally when I receive a student’s homework I correct it using a color guide. That way the student will see with a quick look if they are making a lot of grammar mistakes or vocabulary mistakes or spelling mistakes, etc.. However, since this website does not have the ability to show the colors, I cannot accurately show you what a typical homework assignment looks like after I have corrected it.

I’ll be happy to show you a sample homework assignment on zoom if you’d like to meet me on line some time.

Original story. No edits made.

From  a Greek student. 

Will said to Peter, “Those traders are deemed as the cream of the crop.  They are doing a superb job.   This The / that guy over there with the red shirt is Mr. Blade.  He is a very experienced floor trader at NYSE.  His father used to be a successful trader too.  He is really a chip of the old block.”   "This" refers to something or someone right in front of you, thus you can't use 'over there' if you are also using 'this.' They are opposite from one another.

Peter replied to Will, “What about this that man standing next to the lift?” 

Will said to Peter, “Well, he is a very interesting person.  His name is Achilles. He used to be a painter many years ago.  He lost his job and he became a couch potato.  He used to call me and we chewed the rag fat for a couple of hours.   To be honest with you, I didn’t like him very much.  John told me that he was speaking for about me behind my back. I don’t like people that they are talking about other people.  Or 'I don't like people talking about other people. Or I don't like people who talk about other people behind their backs. However, I changed my tune, because when I was engaged involved in the car crash last September, he came to court and testified for me.  He supported me and asserted that I wasn’t guilty.  I really appreciated it.” To 'speak for someone' means they are not able to speak for themselves and thus someone is doing the talking for that person. "I speak for the CEO when I say we will not be hiring any new employees this month."

Peter told Will, “Great story, but what the on earth is a painter is doing in at a trader’s event?”

What on earth is a painter doing at a trader's event? What on earth are you doing here?

Will smiled and said to Peter, “Actually it is a very interesting story.  As I told you, he was a painter.  He lost his job, so he had to find another way to earn his bread and butter.  He became desperate.  A trading event took place in Midlothian, Chicago at that time.  A big trading company was looking for fresh blood, so there was a contest among several newbies.   A big trading company was looking for fresh blood, so there was a contest among several newbies. He participated and did very well.  He had become simple past tense became a senior trader after three years or so.  Unfortunately, he was engaged in a scandal. and heHe was caught red-handed while he was bribing the company’s accountant in order to cook the books.  It was something bad for the company’s reputation, because he had been given a cart blanche.   I know his supervisor that had given him free rein.  It is Bill MacConkey.  He told me that he was shocked, when he realized that Achilles had been caught red-handed.   I know his supervisor, Bill MacConkey, had given him free rein.  He told me that he was shocked when he realized that Achilles had been caught red-handed.

He couldn’t believe it. Bill used to tell me that Achilles was as clean as a whistle.  When he realized came to his senses that he had cooked the books, he got was very disappointed very much.  The irony is that if Achilles had come clean about this, chances were that I could have helped him. Rumor has it, that he confined confided this in his cousin. He is a well-known attorney, but he couldn’t care less (about it).  At that time, he was in the Peterson scandal case. He was to busy to help Achilles.” too

Peter asked Will, “What happened to Achilles?”

Will said to Peter, “He ended up behind bars.  He was sentenced to three years in prison.  He had to hire some highly priced lawyers that cost him the earth.  I remember one of his lawyers telling him that if someone cannot cover his tracks, it is better to stay away from embezzlements, unlawful actions and the like. Otherwise, he should come to grips with the outcome of his actions.”

Peter asked Will hastily, “How is it possible for this man to be here today?”

Will smiled and said to Peter, “While he was in prison, he was practicing in trading /praticing trading.  Believe it or not, he became a very good trader.  It is a very interesting story.  It shows us what a person can accomplish even if he felt like he was backed into a corner.” 

Peter said to Will, “Wow, this is quite impressingimpressive. I have been trying for two years to make a go of it, and I haven't been successful yet. I am trying two years now and I cannot make it.  I cannot still still cannot make money from trading. Maybe, I have to call it a day and give up.”

Will said to Peter, “I think that you are a good trader.  It is just that you can’t see the forest for the trees.  You are focused entirely on a single trade and this is not correct.  Trading is not all about a single trade.  You have to come terms with that. You have to come to head with your trading beliefs.  I have noticed that once you place a trade you try to predict what will happen next.  Who gives a shit about the future?  Only God knows.   Cross that bridge when you come to it.”

Peter told Will, “You know sometimes I feel like being at sea. I feel totally like I am backed into a corner.  I have to make calculations very fast, but calculations has never been my forte. Furthermore, when delta is up then the slope of the line is above 45o. In this case I have to take a look at implied volatility and if the bid ask spread is more than 10%…..”

Will obviously frustrated told Peter, “Hey, Peter, cut to the chase and told me how I can help you.  Or, let’s do the following:  Take this mini calculator.  You can calculate the risk exposure of your position in a jiffy. The only thing that you should enter is the value of the stock and how many shares you have bought.  It might come in handy, so keep it with you while you are trading.” 


My Norwegian student was given the assignment of coming up with a story using sports idioms. I think he did a great job!

Diana and Mike Garfunkel just moved into their newly renovated house on 8th Street West. Despite Mike having a well-paid job, they find themselves in a major economic crisis. Until recently, Mike has been in therapy for a gambling issue that’s been going on for years. Diana is not aware of the gravity of the problem and strongly believes that she and her spouse will keep their heads above water and pull through. The truth is that Mike forgot to ask for a ballpark estimate for the renovation as well as for the treatment he received at the Gambling Addiction Rehab center in Iowa. There have also been some difficulties with his repayment plan to one of the local loan sharks. Bills are starting to pile up and Mike is a bundle of nerves

Diana: Hi hun! How was work?

Mike: Hey sweetheart! It’s good to be back, but at the meeting today Mr. Nielsen started talking about cutbacks. He said he didn’t wanted to jump the gun by telling us in which department there would be layoffs. So, I guess that in a couple of days we’ll know. 

Diana: You must be on the ball here, honey. Apply yourself and give it your best shot. Show them that you really care about this job. You need it. I need it. 

Mike: I know. I really thought that this job would be my yellow brick road, but now I’m not sure. I just hope that Mr. Nielsen thinks I’m up to par and recalls all the hard work I’ve done for the company. 

Diana: If he tells you otherwise he’s way of base and if he fires you there is no way he’s playing with a full deck of cards. He said so many great things about you at the Christmas party last year. 

Mike: I know, honey. But ever since I got back from the treatment he’s been acting so strange towards me. It’s like he never lets me off the hook. He makes me responsible for everything. It’s a long shot to accomplish everything he requires.  

Diana: Hey hon! There was a strange man at the door around noon with some revolting manners. He had a leather jacket and asked for you. When I said that you were at work he just took off without saying goodbye. Who was he?

Sample sentences using nouns and prepositions

Juan Padron is from Venezuela. He is a software developer and he is planning to get his M.S. in Visual Computing in Germany.

Prepositions with Nouns, Adjectives, and Verbs.

Prepositions are sometimes so firmly wedded to other words that they have practically become one word. (In fact, in other languages, such as German, they would have become one word.) This occurs in three categories: nouns, adjectives, and verbs.


approval of

awareness of

belief in

concern for

confusion about

desire for

fondness for

grasp of

hatred of

hope for

interest in

love of

need for

participation in

reason for

respect for

success in

understanding of

  1. I need to get the approval of the German embassy to get a visa to live there.
  2. Many people in the world have no awareness of the situation in Venezuela.
  3. Many people have a belief in God.
  4. Some people have no concern for others.
  5. There is a lot of confusion about the presidential elections in Ecuador.
  6. I have a an enormous desire for learning.
  7. I have a fondness for my pets.
  8. You need a good grasp of math in order to work in computer graphics.
  9. Sometime I have a hatred of politicians.
  10. I have a hope for a better world.
  11. I have an interest in computer graphics.
  12. I have a love of chocolate.
  13. Most people have a need for companionship.
  14. The participation in an exercise class is mandatory in Venezuela.
  15. My reason for living is to be happy and eat whatever I want.
  16. You should have respect for other cultures.
  17. Success in life means you are happy, healthy, wealthy, wise and free.
  18. I have a basic understanding of chemistry.

New vocabulary in bold.

The meeting has been pushed to 3:00pm (It was originally scheduled at 2:00pm)

Robson is such a trend-setter. I'm sure the designers will take notice of his style.

We offer job training at this facility.

Bob is acting strange. What's wrong with him? Oh, he's planning to ask his girlfriend to marry him. He’s really nervous. 

At this office people get along well, but from time to time there is an argument between employees.

It turns out you were right. He really is from Costa Rica. I always thought he was from Mexico.

Hey, good news. Our sales increased by 9% last month.

Why don't you try developing a new app for children?

We are getting close to the holiday season. It's doubtful I'll get anything I really want. 

He said he never knows what to get me.

I was misled into thinking this year would be different.

I respectfully have to decline your offer.

Wolves howl all the time, not just in the moonlight.

Can you recall the last time we got this much snow?

Replacing the breaks in my car looks too complicated for me... and messy too.

My niece is really outspoken. She always gives her opinion. 

This morning my car broke down. Yesterday I burned dinner. And I just broke a nail.  

WOW. You’ve had a lot of bad luck lately. 


New mother from Khabarovsk, Russia: Using new vocabulary words

The chair is next to the table.

I am sitting on the chair in the kitchen.

My father is addicted to gardening.

We gathered toys for the children's community house.

I called around to find a good massage therapist.

I called the massage therapist back because she had a good price.

This cold weather is bringing me down.

There are still a lot of repairs needed on our house.

My father was very severe when he brought me up.

He was very strict. 





New vocabulary practice by a manager of a language school in Brazil

I feel a little unsteady on my feet. Can I hold onto your arm please?

This home is in a great neighborhood, and furthermore, it's in our price range.

After drinking that last beer, my head is spinning. I don't think I should drive home.

Waitress. This table is wobbling. Can we move to a different table please?

Look at my dog tilt his head when I sing. It's so funny. I don't think he likes my singing. 

Who are all the prominent people at the office? The CEO and all the department heads. 

How do you contribute to your marriage? I contribute financially, emotionally and I take out the trash. 

Working in the Antarctic is difficult. Usually the men and women we send down there work in three month intervals only. 

New vocabulary words: unsteady, furthermore, spinning, wobbling, tilt, prominent, contribute, intervals.  

Alexander in Spain. Assignment: Write some sentences using phrasal verbs.

She hopes he'll ask her out. 
He asked her out to dinner, but she had other plans.

I don't know the answer. I'll ask around about it.
Please ask around about this school.

The profit of the company for the previous year can add up to million of dollars.
The revisions added up to a lot of work.

I backed up carefully until I felt the wall against my back.
She backed up a few steps.

Don't worry. I will back you up when you need me.
They won't back up anyone who is known for lying.

Job offer for my student from Spain!

Hi Jennifer,

Great news! I got the offer from Amazon, so I made it!

Now, it's time to put the offer on the table and consider every details. It's not just me but my all family, therefore a lot of consideration need to be taken into account before making a decision.

I want to say that you have been part of this. Just one year ago I couldn't even answer one question on my Google interview. As of today, I passed 3 Amazon interviews and got the job. Thank you very much for all your help. You are a really great teacher. Good job!

See you next Monday

Have a lovely weekend



Using weather phrases in a story. Written by a Russian housewife

This afternoon Rachel’s daughter asked her to sign the permission for a field trip. 
“Where are you going, my dear?” Rachel was surprised with the news because the weather this week was not good enough to hike.
“We are going to explore a new trail to make sure it is useful for birding.”
“But it’s really coming down and a bit chilly out there and I’m afraid the wind can pick up… John, what’s the forecast like for tomorrow?”
“Rachel, don’t worry, I hope this rain lets up soon. The forecast says it should clear up by the morning. They’re predicting a pretty good weather tomorrow, so kids can surely enjoy their field trip.”
“Mom, we are sure the sun will come out and it can be the warmest day of the week. So we hope watch as many birds as possible and I need a good lunch with me to stay active for a long time ;) ”

Descriptive essay written by a Russian student

My husband is my best friend


My husband is an affable and courteous man. He can easy talk to people and make friend. He is gregarious and enjoys the company of others.

Oleg is a faithful husband. I can always rely on him and trust him. Most of the time he is placid but sometimes he can be quick-tempered especially when I don’t listen to him.

He is obstinate at times. Once he refused to go to the party with me with no reason. Next time I lured him at the party but when he discovered my trick he turned around and went away. I persuaded him to stay but he stood by his principles.

At work he is a conscientious employee. He always carries out the projects thoroughly and completes them on time. He is quick-witted and has great problem solving skills. He is quiet discreet when talking to his boss. He is very resourceful and always has new ideas.

Oleg is versatile. He is very knowledgeable in IT technologies as well as politics, physics, economics. He also plays piano at his free time.

My husband can be finicky from time to time especially when it comes to food.


Antonio: Systems Administrator from Spain

Essay practice for the IELTS

Topic: In general, people are living longer now. Discuss the causes for this phenomenon. Use specific details and reasons to support your answer.

There is a clear evidence that longevity has grown from the beginning of the 20th century. The ageing population is raising its percentage all over the world. But, what are the causes behind this unexpected long life expectancy? There are solid grounds that reveal both technological progress and health science are responsible for such effect on population. 

As health science evolves, so will our life expectancy. Undoubtedly, scientific research done in the health field cause a direct impact in population well-being or health. As a clear example of how science helps to people live longer, I can mention the Ebola outbreak that Africa deals with as of today. Modern medicine makes plausible to contain a deadly Ebola’s outbreak and also treats Ebola’s ills so that people can recover after being infected. Clearly, this same case of Ebola would have swept out an entire nation in the 19th century because of both lack of treatment and knowledge of the pattern disease. Therefore, the more health research we do, the greater benefits for population’s longevity.

On the other hand, it can be acknowledge that technological progress has also made a contribution to live expectancy as well. The technological revolution has provided humanity with means to perform tasks that cannot be done as good as a machine does by anyone. As an example of this benefit, I can point out surgery robots which provide with an overwhelming accuracy that any surgeon could possible gets. This means, that people diagnosed with tumor could save their lives thank to these machines. Otherwise, the likelihood of death would be high strong.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that the fact of people living longer nowadays is a reality made possible through health science and technologic. Besides, it is expected that I will keep increasing in the years to come as scientists and engineers carry on doing research to benefit humanity.

Phrasal verbs: Written by a Managing Director in St. Petersburg, Russia

My new friend asked me out to a theater on Saturday. 
I asked around, but unfortunately there was nobody who could help me with my broken leg.
What is the total? Your T-shirt and dress add up to 500$. 
Please back up my car, so I can use it.
Are you available next week to back me up at annual conference? 
The balloon blew up just before my daughter came into the room.
It looks like we will have to blow the air mattress up in order to have enough sleeping places (beds).
We could not allow the mill on the factory breaks down during the high season.
He mostly broke down when he did not pass exam to the Chicago University.
I decided to beak the whole project down into five parts to spread workload among departments equally.
When we were on vacation, a thief broke in and stole all electronic equipment from our house.
I had break into the house to take my dog out.
Usually I need to break my sport shoes in before I go to a gym.
My Mum broke in to say that it is a fire in the garage.
It is enough for me. I am going to broke with Michael before Easter.
Everybody broke up laughing when I came to the room in pirate’s costume.

Description essay. First draft written by a student from Pakistan

This house is two-story building on the top off the portion, there are two bedrooms two baths. The bedrooms has big closets in both rooms and attic on the top of the closets. Me and my sisters share the room this room has a bed and a dresser and TV with lots of different movies. Next room is for my brothers there were no furniture, it has only one mattress and a TV. This upper portion has a big entertainment center with so many games and movies. There are do big comfortable sofas and one leather chair with a small table.  We use this room for sleepovers some times when we have extra guests. Next there is a big deck some off the portion is covered we use this Covered area for sitting and eating. There is a big wooden dining table 8 chairs, comfortable for sitting and hang out. The floor of this deck is made out of marble it you look very cool and beautiful. The lower portion off this house has one living room. This living room has fabric Gord and Sophia'This living room has fabric light blue with dule gold sofas for sitting and formal parties. The center table has some small crystal decoration pieces. In this living room there is a big dining table with 12 chairs, and a beautiful showcase form for fine China and Marbar crockery. Next is a bedroom for my parents which has a very less furniture they have only one bed and a closet and a hanging mirror. It has a bathroom which we are not allowed to used. Next to my parents's room Open space for a family. This Family room has big comfy couch, chairs and a small chase. Out living room is  very bright and airy because of  big Windows. There is a bookcase on the corner with different languages of books. The walls are decorated with paintings, Picture frames and some beautiful wallhangings made by my mom. I consider my house my favorite place to be at all times.

TOELF Question: Written by Victoria

It is better to grow up with siblings than without.

I think that growing up with siblings is better than without. Even one sibling is better than none. The main benefit is that you are not alone. Children with siblings learn to share things, they help to each other with everything and they don’t feel alone because they know that their siblings are always there for them. For example, I have a younger brother, and we are very close to each other, we can talk about totally random things at any time, share our plans, and try to help if something bad comes up. The only one thing that I have never had was loneliness. And I am very grateful that I have a brother. 

Growing up with siblings develop your sense of responsibility. By taking care of your siblings you also learn not to be selfish and self-absorbed. Some of my friends were the only children in their families. I cannot particularly say that they were very selfish or spoiled, but maybe to a certain extend. I guess if you are surrounded with siblings you might be more responsible and protective, it makes you more guarded about certain things. It is also forcing you to share almost everything you have. 

It is also helps to grow a competitive sense. As there are two, three or more children in the family, parents tend to compare one child to another, it might feel irritating at first, but in some cases it is way of improving and being better or smarter. It is not uncommon for parents say “She or he never got a grade less an A” or “We never have such problems with your sister or brother”. While those kinds of comparisons can lead to strained relations between siblings, competition can also flourish in a healthy way. Usually younger children try to model their elder siblings; they live together during most of the childhood, and teenage years, and inevitably learn a lot from them. As a child grows up with siblings, he or she surrounded by siblings’ conversation and playful interaction. They develop good relations and values. 

In conclusion, growing up with siblings is like you have a best friend from birth. Of course siblings fight more than anyone else on this planet, but they always manage to resolve all conflicts somehow. In addition, I can say that all those fights are nothing comparing with a feeling of family ties, cooperation and support that siblings are sharing lifelong. 


Phrasal verb homework written by a student in South Korea

Home work.

Something about my life.

I was born in Uzbekistan in 1985 in a working-class family. I never saw my father; I remember only my step-father. My mother was a nurse in the past, but not now. I have got a younger brother; he is married now and having happy life with his wife.  We used to live in the small town in Uzbekistan until my mom divorced, then later in 2001 we moved to Kazakhstan.

In Kazakhstan, in Shimkent city, we were living in small apartment, but we were definitely happier there than before. I have always looked up to my mom because she is a strong lady. She was bringing me and my brother up herself; she was sacrificing for us and has never thought about herself. She has always backed us up over our decisions and plans. She took care of us, encouraged us and taught us. I remember once she met a man, she had been going out with him for some time, but unfortunately they broke up later and it brought her down. She holds back her tears and keeps on looking at the bright side.

In 2012 I made my mind up to go to South Korea to earn some money. I wanted to broaden my horizons. I was looking forward to something interesting and was looking into another culture and country. Our plane took off on the 28 of January 2012, it was the first time my little son and I had ever traveled abroad. We cheered up because of our trip. However my son did not care for flight, he threw up on board because he felt sick. It was just a beginning of our long trip and it has been still going on. My boss chipped in and helps us when we had arrived in Korea. He made a lot of efforts for my family and I appreciated that. He looked for a job and an apartment for my family and took care of us and we have been keeping in touch despite the fact that I changed my job. We don’t get together often, but I can drop in to his office any time I want; he is my second father!

We have been living in Korea for 3 years. As my son has been growing up here, he is taking after Korean people rather than Kazakstan people. I figured out how different our two cultures are and found out that it will take a long time to go after my dreams.

My first job that I had taken in was at the small factory. After I had been working there for two months, I could not put up with terrible working conditions and eventually I gave that job up. A month later I handed in my resume to the LG Electronics and they hired me. My new job was much better than the previous ones in terms of working conditions, salary and working hours with an overtime policy. I stayed in that job more than two years and a half years. It was a good experience for me to be a part of such a big company like LG Electronics. The problem was I could not move up within the company as I am a foreigner without a specific education. I was not eligible to get a promotion or apply for better vacations. My boss suggested to me to go back to  university and get a university degree so that I will be able to look for a good job and better life here in South Korea. I have looked over several universities’ programs, called on some friends for their advice, thought over my achievements, found time to learn English and set my goals up. I am not sure that everything will work out but I at least have to try.

                    18 of January 2015.


Written by a retired Major in the Brazilian Air Force

A fictitious story using the adjectives you sent to me:

“Mr. Adam and Mrs. Beth Brown are Bill's parents. Mr. Brown is a very considerate and careful father and husband. Though he turned 60, he's a broad-minded man. He was raised in a very strict home, however, he's calm and affectionate towards his family. Other feature of Mr. Adam is to be an ambitious and adventurous man. For example, he was getting on very well in his business in Florida, but even so he decided to move to Colorado. As he's a very adaptable person, he promptly got int the swing of things in Colorado. So we conclude that he's a very brave man.

Mrs. Brown, on the other hand, is a very affable and compassionate woman. Everybody likes her in the neighborhood where she lives. Bill, in turn, is the brightest pupil in his class. Besides his smartness, he's a very conscientious student and a very charming boy

Phrasal verbs & idioms. Written by an IT manager in Brazil.

I asked a beautiful lady out and she said yes. I took a shower and used my best cologne and went to get my car, or at least try to get it. There was a car blocking my car, so I went to my neighbor's home.
When I got there I heard a big noise. It was something blowing up and I was correct. He forgot about a spoon that was inside the microwave and then turned it on.
I rang the door bell and he answered the door very nervously.
 I said, "Hello. I need to use my car and your car is blocking mine. Can you back yours up?"
 He didn't want to do it, but he went outside and backed up his car.
I was on my way when I realized that I was lost. I asked around where I was, but it seemed that no one could help me.
After 3 hours I finally found her house. She was so angry and I had to face the music.
I took her hand and we were on our way when she said to me, "I have to get something off my chest."
 I said, "I'm all ears."
She said, "Where have you been? I cried my heart out thinking about where you were."
 I explain and everything was resolved.
 We had a great time. We talked a lot about family and about a great friend that she considered her flesh and blood.
When it was 4am I asked for the bill. When I got it, I was so surprised. She realized it was a lot and offered to chip in, but I said no.
So I took her home and we said 'good bye' and she kissed me. It would have been better if it was not on my cheek. After all the dinner cost me an arm and a leg and all I won was a kiss on my cheek, but we had a great time.

First time in Hawaii (written by a Ukrainian woman)

My trip to Hawaii

     One  lovely October evening my daughter  called me:

- "Mom, we haven't seen each other in such a long time. Would you like to come to visit me? I miss you so much."

- "My darling, I miss you too. But it's too cold in Kiev right now and we will not have a lot of time together because you're working every day. Well, I have  a better idea! What if you come to Washington DC to see me? We can go to the ocean for one week."

   I did not want to go to Miami because we have been there many times. I'd like to surprise my daughter and take her somewhere special? The answer came immediately - Hawaii. I called to my travel agent and everything was ready for this trip in three hours.

   Two weeks later, on October 22, Alla and I met in NYC. The weather was crappy but it does not bother us at all. We were very happy to see each other. The whole day we were walking on the streets of Manhattan,  shopping, enjoying a "Peking Duck" for dinner and of course we went to the theater for a Broadway show: the Musical "Kinky Boots" left an unforgettable impressions. The next day we flew  to Hawaii. We were very excited and looking forward to new adventures.

  The flight from NYC to Honolulu took 11 hours. We had fun the whole  time. We chatted, read books, played games, and told jokes. Our  guide met us at the Honolulu airport and drove us to the Hyatt hotel . The view from our room was breathtaking. To the right  was the lovely Waikiki beach, to the left we had view of the city and right in front of us was Diamond Head.  The main inconvenience was the time difference.  And we had to fight it. The time difference between Kiev and Honolulu is 13 hours. So we went to bed at 2pm and woke at 2 am the first two days on Oahu.

     - "I did not promise you dinner with the sunset. But I guaranteed breakfasts with sunrise," I joked.

Breakfast started at 5:00am . Before that we took a yoga class  on the beach.  We admired the kindness and hospitality of the locals and especially the staff of the hotel. We were very pleased with the beauty of nature, mild and humid climate, smiling and happy people, great food and exotic fruits. 

        We had a new adventures every day: Surfed with a personal trainer, took a trip around the island, hiked in the jungle to a waterfall, visited the Dole pineapple plantation and macadamia outlet. We tasted the best pineapple ice cream in the word and the best Kona coffee and Mai Tai cocktail I've ever had.  During a helicopter ride, with the doors off, we got to enjoy a full circle double rainbow.  I've never seen such beauty., Later on a catamaran tour took us around to see  wild dolphins and gave us a chance to snorkel and view colorful fish. Finally a visit to Pearl Harbor and a walk on the most famous beach in Oahu completed our day.  

      Visiting the Polynesian Cultural Center was an unforgettable experience. We learned how to dance a hula dance, play games, and we became  familiar with the culture and traditions of different  tribes.  We enjoyed a boat trip on the river where we got to watch a different  shows, including a movie about the history of Hawaii and we watched a demonstration on how to split open a coconut and make a fire by using only two pieces of wood. 

    I was surprised by the number of Japanese in Honolulu, as they made up at least 40% of the total tourist population. We were happy with how friendly they were.

    Every day, we enjoyed our stay on Oahu. My skin became golden-bronze and very silky, my hair had more volume and was very beautiful. I noticed a change in my behavior.  I became calm, unhurried, patient, understanding and happy. We did not want to leave at all. We were in a drunk resting state the merging with the flow of life. I knew that I would be a completely different person when I got back to Washington D.C.

    On the plane we looked over our photos and remembered some interesting moments from our trip. It is not possible not to fall in love with Hawaii. I believe that we will be back there again. It was the best trip in my life (so far :)

A vacation story (written by a beginning student from Moscow)

This time we went as a couple. We had tickets to New York and then in Orlando. Adventure began even before the trip. Two weeks before my wife got sick knee, but we do not attach any importance to this. When we arrived in Orlando, knee began to swell. The next day we went to the emergency. And held there for 4 hours. There were all like in the movies. Many doctors, different devices, all inscriptions oxygen and very friendly staff. I was pleasantly surprised by the medical culture. The next day we went on our planned route. The first city was Sarasota. we read the reviews on forums that Sarasota, Naples and Tampa is a city where a lot of pensioners but when we got there were only pensioners. There granny ride Camaro and grandfathers on Harley Davidson. It's very cool. I would like that to my old age a little was like them. The next town was Naples. The difference between these two cities I had not noticed. Wonderful white beaches and calm with a smile on his face pensioners. We talked to an elderly married couple, and they told us that rented a house for 9 months right on the ocean. If they like it here, they will stay here. For me it is unusual. I hope that in Russia someday the same will come a time when pensioners can afford to go somewhere. From the same city we drove into Everglades and fishing in the bay. Unfortunately we chose a bad route in the Everglades and saw no more interesting. For fishing we were lucky. We caught these fish, which I did not see so well in the Nation Geographic. and some had to let go because it was not the season. When we sailed on the coast in a nearby restaurant to us they cooked our fish. It was the most delicious catch. Then we moved back to Orlando that day was Halloween. We decided to come into the town center where there will be a big party. it was fun. But we do not like to go to nightclubs, so after an hour of walking we went to sleep. Another was kayaking, several parks, gatorland  and of course Disney World. My wife's first cartoon was The Little Mermaid on VHS and we went to the grotto of the Little Mermaid in the Magic Kingdom. It was a Saturday, and how many people fit into this park, I still do not understand. But we managed to visit all the attractions. In the end it was a beautiful light show and fireworks, children with their open mouths looking at this fairy tale well, and our fairy tale is over and we flew in cold Moscow.