Written by a retired Major in the Brazilian Air Force

A fictitious story using the adjectives you sent to me:

“Mr. Adam and Mrs. Beth Brown are Bill's parents. Mr. Brown is a very considerate and careful father and husband. Though he turned 60, he's a broad-minded man. He was raised in a very strict home, however, he's calm and affectionate towards his family. Other feature of Mr. Adam is to be an ambitious and adventurous man. For example, he was getting on very well in his business in Florida, but even so he decided to move to Colorado. As he's a very adaptable person, he promptly got int the swing of things in Colorado. So we conclude that he's a very brave man.

Mrs. Brown, on the other hand, is a very affable and compassionate woman. Everybody likes her in the neighborhood where she lives. Bill, in turn, is the brightest pupil in his class. Besides his smartness, he's a very conscientious student and a very charming boy