Phrasal verbs: Written by a Managing Director in St. Petersburg, Russia

My new friend asked me out to a theater on Saturday. 
I asked around, but unfortunately there was nobody who could help me with my broken leg.
What is the total? Your T-shirt and dress add up to 500$. 
Please back up my car, so I can use it.
Are you available next week to back me up at annual conference? 
The balloon blew up just before my daughter came into the room.
It looks like we will have to blow the air mattress up in order to have enough sleeping places (beds).
We could not allow the mill on the factory breaks down during the high season.
He mostly broke down when he did not pass exam to the Chicago University.
I decided to beak the whole project down into five parts to spread workload among departments equally.
When we were on vacation, a thief broke in and stole all electronic equipment from our house.
I had break into the house to take my dog out.
Usually I need to break my sport shoes in before I go to a gym.
My Mum broke in to say that it is a fire in the garage.
It is enough for me. I am going to broke with Michael before Easter.
Everybody broke up laughing when I came to the room in pirate’s costume.