New vocabulary practice by a manager of a language school in Brazil

I feel a little unsteady on my feet. Can I hold onto your arm please?

This home is in a great neighborhood, and furthermore, it's in our price range.

After drinking that last beer, my head is spinning. I don't think I should drive home.

Waitress. This table is wobbling. Can we move to a different table please?

Look at my dog tilt his head when I sing. It's so funny. I don't think he likes my singing. 

Who are all the prominent people at the office? The CEO and all the department heads. 

How do you contribute to your marriage? I contribute financially, emotionally and I take out the trash. 

Working in the Antarctic is difficult. Usually the men and women we send down there work in three month intervals only. 

New vocabulary words: unsteady, furthermore, spinning, wobbling, tilt, prominent, contribute, intervals.