TOELF Question: Written by Victoria

It is better to grow up with siblings than without.

I think that growing up with siblings is better than without. Even one sibling is better than none. The main benefit is that you are not alone. Children with siblings learn to share things, they help to each other with everything and they don’t feel alone because they know that their siblings are always there for them. For example, I have a younger brother, and we are very close to each other, we can talk about totally random things at any time, share our plans, and try to help if something bad comes up. The only one thing that I have never had was loneliness. And I am very grateful that I have a brother. 

Growing up with siblings develop your sense of responsibility. By taking care of your siblings you also learn not to be selfish and self-absorbed. Some of my friends were the only children in their families. I cannot particularly say that they were very selfish or spoiled, but maybe to a certain extend. I guess if you are surrounded with siblings you might be more responsible and protective, it makes you more guarded about certain things. It is also forcing you to share almost everything you have. 

It is also helps to grow a competitive sense. As there are two, three or more children in the family, parents tend to compare one child to another, it might feel irritating at first, but in some cases it is way of improving and being better or smarter. It is not uncommon for parents say “She or he never got a grade less an A” or “We never have such problems with your sister or brother”. While those kinds of comparisons can lead to strained relations between siblings, competition can also flourish in a healthy way. Usually younger children try to model their elder siblings; they live together during most of the childhood, and teenage years, and inevitably learn a lot from them. As a child grows up with siblings, he or she surrounded by siblings’ conversation and playful interaction. They develop good relations and values. 

In conclusion, growing up with siblings is like you have a best friend from birth. Of course siblings fight more than anyone else on this planet, but they always manage to resolve all conflicts somehow. In addition, I can say that all those fights are nothing comparing with a feeling of family ties, cooperation and support that siblings are sharing lifelong.