Sample sentences using nouns and prepositions

Juan Padron is from Venezuela. He is a software developer and he is planning to get his M.S. in Visual Computing in Germany.

Prepositions with Nouns, Adjectives, and Verbs.

Prepositions are sometimes so firmly wedded to other words that they have practically become one word. (In fact, in other languages, such as German, they would have become one word.) This occurs in three categories: nouns, adjectives, and verbs.


approval of

awareness of

belief in

concern for

confusion about

desire for

fondness for

grasp of

hatred of

hope for

interest in

love of

need for

participation in

reason for

respect for

success in

understanding of

  1. I need to get the approval of the German embassy to get a visa to live there.
  2. Many people in the world have no awareness of the situation in Venezuela.
  3. Many people have a belief in God.
  4. Some people have no concern for others.
  5. There is a lot of confusion about the presidential elections in Ecuador.
  6. I have a an enormous desire for learning.
  7. I have a fondness for my pets.
  8. You need a good grasp of math in order to work in computer graphics.
  9. Sometime I have a hatred of politicians.
  10. I have a hope for a better world.
  11. I have an interest in computer graphics.
  12. I have a love of chocolate.
  13. Most people have a need for companionship.
  14. The participation in an exercise class is mandatory in Venezuela.
  15. My reason for living is to be happy and eat whatever I want.
  16. You should have respect for other cultures.
  17. Success in life means you are happy, healthy, wealthy, wise and free.
  18. I have a basic understanding of chemistry.