Descriptive essay written by a Russian student

My husband is my best friend


My husband is an affable and courteous man. He can easy talk to people and make friend. He is gregarious and enjoys the company of others.

Oleg is a faithful husband. I can always rely on him and trust him. Most of the time he is placid but sometimes he can be quick-tempered especially when I don’t listen to him.

He is obstinate at times. Once he refused to go to the party with me with no reason. Next time I lured him at the party but when he discovered my trick he turned around and went away. I persuaded him to stay but he stood by his principles.

At work he is a conscientious employee. He always carries out the projects thoroughly and completes them on time. He is quick-witted and has great problem solving skills. He is quiet discreet when talking to his boss. He is very resourceful and always has new ideas.

Oleg is versatile. He is very knowledgeable in IT technologies as well as politics, physics, economics. He also plays piano at his free time.

My husband can be finicky from time to time especially when it comes to food.