New vocabulary in bold.

The meeting has been pushed to 3:00pm (It was originally scheduled at 2:00pm)

Robson is such a trend-setter. I'm sure the designers will take notice of his style.

We offer job training at this facility.

Bob is acting strange. What's wrong with him? Oh, he's planning to ask his girlfriend to marry him. He’s really nervous. 

At this office people get along well, but from time to time there is an argument between employees.

It turns out you were right. He really is from Costa Rica. I always thought he was from Mexico.

Hey, good news. Our sales increased by 9% last month.

Why don't you try developing a new app for children?

We are getting close to the holiday season. It's doubtful I'll get anything I really want. 

He said he never knows what to get me.

I was misled into thinking this year would be different.

I respectfully have to decline your offer.

Wolves howl all the time, not just in the moonlight.

Can you recall the last time we got this much snow?

Replacing the breaks in my car looks too complicated for me... and messy too.

My niece is really outspoken. She always gives her opinion. 

This morning my car broke down. Yesterday I burned dinner. And I just broke a nail.  

WOW. You’ve had a lot of bad luck lately.