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From  a Greek student. 

Will said to Peter, “Those traders are deemed as the cream of the crop.  They are doing a superb job.   This The / that guy over there with the red shirt is Mr. Blade.  He is a very experienced floor trader at NYSE.  His father used to be a successful trader too.  He is really a chip of the old block.”   "This" refers to something or someone right in front of you, thus you can't use 'over there' if you are also using 'this.' They are opposite from one another.

Peter replied to Will, “What about this that man standing next to the lift?” 

Will said to Peter, “Well, he is a very interesting person.  His name is Achilles. He used to be a painter many years ago.  He lost his job and he became a couch potato.  He used to call me and we chewed the rag fat for a couple of hours.   To be honest with you, I didn’t like him very much.  John told me that he was speaking for about me behind my back. I don’t like people that they are talking about other people.  Or 'I don't like people talking about other people. Or I don't like people who talk about other people behind their backs. However, I changed my tune, because when I was engaged involved in the car crash last September, he came to court and testified for me.  He supported me and asserted that I wasn’t guilty.  I really appreciated it.” To 'speak for someone' means they are not able to speak for themselves and thus someone is doing the talking for that person. "I speak for the CEO when I say we will not be hiring any new employees this month."

Peter told Will, “Great story, but what the on earth is a painter is doing in at a trader’s event?”

What on earth is a painter doing at a trader's event? What on earth are you doing here?

Will smiled and said to Peter, “Actually it is a very interesting story.  As I told you, he was a painter.  He lost his job, so he had to find another way to earn his bread and butter.  He became desperate.  A trading event took place in Midlothian, Chicago at that time.  A big trading company was looking for fresh blood, so there was a contest among several newbies.   A big trading company was looking for fresh blood, so there was a contest among several newbies. He participated and did very well.  He had become simple past tense became a senior trader after three years or so.  Unfortunately, he was engaged in a scandal. and heHe was caught red-handed while he was bribing the company’s accountant in order to cook the books.  It was something bad for the company’s reputation, because he had been given a cart blanche.   I know his supervisor that had given him free rein.  It is Bill MacConkey.  He told me that he was shocked, when he realized that Achilles had been caught red-handed.   I know his supervisor, Bill MacConkey, had given him free rein.  He told me that he was shocked when he realized that Achilles had been caught red-handed.

He couldn’t believe it. Bill used to tell me that Achilles was as clean as a whistle.  When he realized came to his senses that he had cooked the books, he got was very disappointed very much.  The irony is that if Achilles had come clean about this, chances were that I could have helped him. Rumor has it, that he confined confided this in his cousin. He is a well-known attorney, but he couldn’t care less (about it).  At that time, he was in the Peterson scandal case. He was to busy to help Achilles.” too

Peter asked Will, “What happened to Achilles?”

Will said to Peter, “He ended up behind bars.  He was sentenced to three years in prison.  He had to hire some highly priced lawyers that cost him the earth.  I remember one of his lawyers telling him that if someone cannot cover his tracks, it is better to stay away from embezzlements, unlawful actions and the like. Otherwise, he should come to grips with the outcome of his actions.”

Peter asked Will hastily, “How is it possible for this man to be here today?”

Will smiled and said to Peter, “While he was in prison, he was practicing in trading /praticing trading.  Believe it or not, he became a very good trader.  It is a very interesting story.  It shows us what a person can accomplish even if he felt like he was backed into a corner.” 

Peter said to Will, “Wow, this is quite impressingimpressive. I have been trying for two years to make a go of it, and I haven't been successful yet. I am trying two years now and I cannot make it.  I cannot still still cannot make money from trading. Maybe, I have to call it a day and give up.”

Will said to Peter, “I think that you are a good trader.  It is just that you can’t see the forest for the trees.  You are focused entirely on a single trade and this is not correct.  Trading is not all about a single trade.  You have to come terms with that. You have to come to head with your trading beliefs.  I have noticed that once you place a trade you try to predict what will happen next.  Who gives a shit about the future?  Only God knows.   Cross that bridge when you come to it.”

Peter told Will, “You know sometimes I feel like being at sea. I feel totally like I am backed into a corner.  I have to make calculations very fast, but calculations has never been my forte. Furthermore, when delta is up then the slope of the line is above 45o. In this case I have to take a look at implied volatility and if the bid ask spread is more than 10%…..”

Will obviously frustrated told Peter, “Hey, Peter, cut to the chase and told me how I can help you.  Or, let’s do the following:  Take this mini calculator.  You can calculate the risk exposure of your position in a jiffy. The only thing that you should enter is the value of the stock and how many shares you have bought.  It might come in handy, so keep it with you while you are trading.”