Phrasal verb homework (by a student in Azerbaijan)

  1. I abandoned my home several years ago and now I end up (ended up living) in Moscow.
  2. I've thought about this a lot, I ended up buying a blue car.
  3. When I found my suit, it fell apart.
  4. I prefer to type out all my compositions. 
  5. pulled over yesterday, when i saw the great accident near the Vermont street.
  6. The events of last night grossed out me very seriously.

My corrections to the list above:

1. I abandoned my home several years ago and ended up living in Moscow.

2. I thought about this a lot before I ended up buying the blue car.

3. When I found my suit, it fell apart after I took it out of the storage closet.

4. I prefer to type out all of my compositions.

5. When I saw the accident near Vermont Street yesterday, I pull over to see if I could help.

6. The events of last night really grossed me out. 

Idioms used in a short story (written by a German student)

Bob was sick as a dog. But after having fully recovered from his illness, Bob had a new lease on life. He took up work again, but his boss was a pain in the neck. After work Bob used to go for a walk, which did him a world of good. Just like that, he could recharge his batteries. After the walk he felt fresh as a daisy. After getting home from his walk, Bob had dinner. He used to eat fast food for dinner, but he kicked that habit and preferred to fix something himself. He knew “You are what you eat”.