My Norwegian student was given the assignment of coming up with a story using sports idioms. I think he did a great job!

Diana and Mike Garfunkel just moved into their newly renovated house on 8th Street West. Despite Mike having a well-paid job, they find themselves in a major economic crisis. Until recently, Mike has been in therapy for a gambling issue that’s been going on for years. Diana is not aware of the gravity of the problem and strongly believes that she and her spouse will keep their heads above water and pull through. The truth is that Mike forgot to ask for a ballpark estimate for the renovation as well as for the treatment he received at the Gambling Addiction Rehab center in Iowa. There have also been some difficulties with his repayment plan to one of the local loan sharks. Bills are starting to pile up and Mike is a bundle of nerves

Diana: Hi hun! How was work?

Mike: Hey sweetheart! It’s good to be back, but at the meeting today Mr. Nielsen started talking about cutbacks. He said he didn’t wanted to jump the gun by telling us in which department there would be layoffs. So, I guess that in a couple of days we’ll know. 

Diana: You must be on the ball here, honey. Apply yourself and give it your best shot. Show them that you really care about this job. You need it. I need it. 

Mike: I know. I really thought that this job would be my yellow brick road, but now I’m not sure. I just hope that Mr. Nielsen thinks I’m up to par and recalls all the hard work I’ve done for the company. 

Diana: If he tells you otherwise he’s way of base and if he fires you there is no way he’s playing with a full deck of cards. He said so many great things about you at the Christmas party last year. 

Mike: I know, honey. But ever since I got back from the treatment he’s been acting so strange towards me. It’s like he never lets me off the hook. He makes me responsible for everything. It’s a long shot to accomplish everything he requires.  

Diana: Hey hon! There was a strange man at the door around noon with some revolting manners. He had a leather jacket and asked for you. When I said that you were at work he just took off without saying goodbye. Who was he?