Description essay. First draft written by a student from Pakistan

This house is two-story building on the top off the portion, there are two bedrooms two baths. The bedrooms has big closets in both rooms and attic on the top of the closets. Me and my sisters share the room this room has a bed and a dresser and TV with lots of different movies. Next room is for my brothers there were no furniture, it has only one mattress and a TV. This upper portion has a big entertainment center with so many games and movies. There are do big comfortable sofas and one leather chair with a small table.  We use this room for sleepovers some times when we have extra guests. Next there is a big deck some off the portion is covered we use this Covered area for sitting and eating. There is a big wooden dining table 8 chairs, comfortable for sitting and hang out. The floor of this deck is made out of marble it you look very cool and beautiful. The lower portion off this house has one living room. This living room has fabric Gord and Sophia'This living room has fabric light blue with dule gold sofas for sitting and formal parties. The center table has some small crystal decoration pieces. In this living room there is a big dining table with 12 chairs, and a beautiful showcase form for fine China and Marbar crockery. Next is a bedroom for my parents which has a very less furniture they have only one bed and a closet and a hanging mirror. It has a bathroom which we are not allowed to used. Next to my parents's room Open space for a family. This Family room has big comfy couch, chairs and a small chase. Out living room is  very bright and airy because of  big Windows. There is a bookcase on the corner with different languages of books. The walls are decorated with paintings, Picture frames and some beautiful wallhangings made by my mom. I consider my house my favorite place to be at all times.