Phrasal verb homework written by a student in South Korea

Home work.

Something about my life.

I was born in Uzbekistan in 1985 in a working-class family. I never saw my father; I remember only my step-father. My mother was a nurse in the past, but not now. I have got a younger brother; he is married now and having happy life with his wife.  We used to live in the small town in Uzbekistan until my mom divorced, then later in 2001 we moved to Kazakhstan.

In Kazakhstan, in Shimkent city, we were living in small apartment, but we were definitely happier there than before. I have always looked up to my mom because she is a strong lady. She was bringing me and my brother up herself; she was sacrificing for us and has never thought about herself. She has always backed us up over our decisions and plans. She took care of us, encouraged us and taught us. I remember once she met a man, she had been going out with him for some time, but unfortunately they broke up later and it brought her down. She holds back her tears and keeps on looking at the bright side.

In 2012 I made my mind up to go to South Korea to earn some money. I wanted to broaden my horizons. I was looking forward to something interesting and was looking into another culture and country. Our plane took off on the 28 of January 2012, it was the first time my little son and I had ever traveled abroad. We cheered up because of our trip. However my son did not care for flight, he threw up on board because he felt sick. It was just a beginning of our long trip and it has been still going on. My boss chipped in and helps us when we had arrived in Korea. He made a lot of efforts for my family and I appreciated that. He looked for a job and an apartment for my family and took care of us and we have been keeping in touch despite the fact that I changed my job. We don’t get together often, but I can drop in to his office any time I want; he is my second father!

We have been living in Korea for 3 years. As my son has been growing up here, he is taking after Korean people rather than Kazakstan people. I figured out how different our two cultures are and found out that it will take a long time to go after my dreams.

My first job that I had taken in was at the small factory. After I had been working there for two months, I could not put up with terrible working conditions and eventually I gave that job up. A month later I handed in my resume to the LG Electronics and they hired me. My new job was much better than the previous ones in terms of working conditions, salary and working hours with an overtime policy. I stayed in that job more than two years and a half years. It was a good experience for me to be a part of such a big company like LG Electronics. The problem was I could not move up within the company as I am a foreigner without a specific education. I was not eligible to get a promotion or apply for better vacations. My boss suggested to me to go back to  university and get a university degree so that I will be able to look for a good job and better life here in South Korea. I have looked over several universities’ programs, called on some friends for their advice, thought over my achievements, found time to learn English and set my goals up. I am not sure that everything will work out but I at least have to try.

                    18 of January 2015.