Using weather phrases in a story. Written by a Russian housewife

This afternoon Rachel’s daughter asked her to sign the permission for a field trip. 
“Where are you going, my dear?” Rachel was surprised with the news because the weather this week was not good enough to hike.
“We are going to explore a new trail to make sure it is useful for birding.”
“But it’s really coming down and a bit chilly out there and I’m afraid the wind can pick up… John, what’s the forecast like for tomorrow?”
“Rachel, don’t worry, I hope this rain lets up soon. The forecast says it should clear up by the morning. They’re predicting a pretty good weather tomorrow, so kids can surely enjoy their field trip.”
“Mom, we are sure the sun will come out and it can be the warmest day of the week. So we hope watch as many birds as possible and I need a good lunch with me to stay active for a long time ;) ”