A vacation story (written by a beginning student from Moscow)

This time we went as a couple. We had tickets to New York and then in Orlando. Adventure began even before the trip. Two weeks before my wife got sick knee, but we do not attach any importance to this. When we arrived in Orlando, knee began to swell. The next day we went to the emergency. And held there for 4 hours. There were all like in the movies. Many doctors, different devices, all inscriptions oxygen and very friendly staff. I was pleasantly surprised by the medical culture. The next day we went on our planned route. The first city was Sarasota. we read the reviews on forums that Sarasota, Naples and Tampa is a city where a lot of pensioners but when we got there were only pensioners. There granny ride Camaro and grandfathers on Harley Davidson. It's very cool. I would like that to my old age a little was like them. The next town was Naples. The difference between these two cities I had not noticed. Wonderful white beaches and calm with a smile on his face pensioners. We talked to an elderly married couple, and they told us that rented a house for 9 months right on the ocean. If they like it here, they will stay here. For me it is unusual. I hope that in Russia someday the same will come a time when pensioners can afford to go somewhere. From the same city we drove into Everglades and fishing in the bay. Unfortunately we chose a bad route in the Everglades and saw no more interesting. For fishing we were lucky. We caught these fish, which I did not see so well in the Nation Geographic. and some had to let go because it was not the season. When we sailed on the coast in a nearby restaurant to us they cooked our fish. It was the most delicious catch. Then we moved back to Orlando that day was Halloween. We decided to come into the town center where there will be a big party. it was fun. But we do not like to go to nightclubs, so after an hour of walking we went to sleep. Another was kayaking, several parks, gatorland  and of course Disney World. My wife's first cartoon was The Little Mermaid on VHS and we went to the grotto of the Little Mermaid in the Magic Kingdom. It was a Saturday, and how many people fit into this park, I still do not understand. But we managed to visit all the attractions. In the end it was a beautiful light show and fireworks, children with their open mouths looking at this fairy tale well, and our fairy tale is over and we flew in cold Moscow.